• Shaunda Mathieu

Make It Go Away!

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

It occurred to me recently during some of my mindless scrolling that many social networks have a feature called ‘Memories’. For instance whatever I post today can be viewed on the exact same day next year to remind you of what you were doing at that time.

I admit, I have had memories pop up on my feed where I say “Awwwwww! I remember that.” And other times  I have had memories pop up when I say “Oh My God!! What was I thinking? Where were my real friends?” I ask myself. ((Delete delete delete!)) Can you relate? 

Two lessons  I gather from this experience. One is that you should always use caution and discretion before you hit that “post” button. Ask yourself, “ Is this really important? Why is this significant? Is this share worthy; like really.. with the whole world?”

The other lesson (which I personally deem even more important) is to choose your friends carefully, and your activities even more careful. Before you decide to share your current significant other with hundreds of social media followers,  ask yourself if he or she has the potential to be around a year from now. A month? A week even? 

And about that wild night out-what will a potential employer or potential college of your choice think about your character if they see this? 

I’m just saying.... three minutes of introspection is far better than that haunted memory (or should I say nightmare... 

 ) that shows up to make you question your whole existence. 

You can’t really make it go away; (well you can) but usually it’s too late.  The point is to work on being more proactive than REactive in 2020 as it relates to our sharing to social media platforms. I know it seems like a simple common sense lesson but you would be surprised. 

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