• Shaunda Mathieu

Did You Hear That?

  • Are you hearing God’s voice clearly?

  • How do you know?

  • What does it sound like?

  • How do you know it's not just your conscience?

I would like to think that the prerequisite for hearing the voice of God is a submitted life. By that I mean: you put God first, you have a consistent prayer life, and you have a definitive regimen for reading and digesting His word. Am I saying that God never speaks to people who don’t intentionally talk to Him? No, because that would be unsound teaching. In the book of 1 Timothy the Apostle Paul refers to himself as the “chief of sinners." There are countless other witnesses who were doing their own thing that had absolutely nothing to do with God, yet He still tapped them on the shoulder to get their attention and commune with them.

This principle is not difficult to see. Take a look in the natural realm of a relationship. It's much easier to call on someone for help whom you have been in contact with than it is to pick up the phone to ask someone for something who you have not spoken to in years. It just makes for an easier ask. It feels more authentic and genuine, and so it is with God. I am sure you have heard that 'He makes his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust.' (Matthew 5 paraphrased) This means that God loves all His children and when asked He will certainly help you. But the more time you spend in His presence the more intimate your relationship becomes, and thus the more likely it is that you will become familiar with hearing and recognizing his voice. Besides, you have to fall in love with Him merely for who He is, not just what He can do for you.

This week make a goal to draw closer to the Father so that when life becomes tough, as it often does, it is typically easier to hear answers from Him. Holy Spirit is a mighty counselor! Employ Him to help you navigate murky waters and uncertain situations. You don't have to go through life alone, and you certainly don't have to guess at outcomes. Keep the lines open because more than anything you don't want to miss His call.

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