• Shaunda Mathieu

Faith it Till You Make It

I am sure you have heard the saying “Fake it till you make it.” Basically it is well-meaning advice from those who claim to support you. It is intended to be a

vote of confidence encouraging you to pretend that you are already at the place that you desire to be. Just fake it; you know. Who’s going to know? It could be viewed as self-confidence or self-esteem, but see that‘s the first problem: anything starting with “self” is destined to fail. Since we are flesh beings we can do nothing without Him.

May I offer you a different perspective? And before you accuse me of being disingenuous I will say ,“Yes. I get it.” I know what they mean. There are times in life when you are left with no other choice but to pull yourself together and plaster on a smile. I would be lying if I told you I have never done that.The real difference, though, lies in the attitude and posture of the heart while you wait for whatever it is you are waiting for.

If you are faking that things are well, how can God come into your situation and actually make them well? No one is suggesting that you fall apart smack dab in the middle of your conference room at work. That would be tragic.

... but while you have your back straight and flipping your hair at your co-workers like you got it all together, I need you to have that same energy when you go inside of your prayer closet!

Go deep into your word and remind God of His promises toward you. 2 Corinthians 1:20 says that “All the promises of God are yes and amen....” All. A-L-L. Two things you must have is a promise and a plan. Once you are aware of the promise, then you can faith it until it comes to pass.

There is a huge difference between faking it (with no real expectation of change), and ”faithing it” knowing that we serve a good good father who is incapable of lying, incapable of losing, and incapable of disappointing His children. Look at this:

Those who look to him are radiant. Their faces are never covered with shame. Ps 34:5

I don’t know what leaped out at you, but my eyes immediately went to the word “never.” Like for real? Never will I be ashamed for looking to you, God? Neva neva? Come on - we all look like fools at one time or another in our lives, but the verse said NEVER. Wow...

Once you grab hold to that truth, your only responsibility then is to “faith it” until you make it, (of course assuming you have done your part in the matter.)

Aren‘t there enough fake people in the world? Join the faith train honey. It‘s the only mode of transportation that guarantees you will arrive at your destination. The. When you learn better... take somebody with you.

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