• Shaunda Mathieu

Has 'Rona Left The Building?

In light of all the civil unrests, protests, election news, and other things going on in this country it can be very easy to forget that COVID-19 is still out there. I mean.... it literally has never left, but you wouldn’t know that from looking at all the people “living their best lives” - at the beach, in the malls, at the casinos, and in nail salons.

So the states are open again. As they do, it is becoming incredibly clear to me that people don’t seem to have the mental fortitude to exercise sound judgement. Do you think the people who are standing behind the podiums making these calls (that ultimately endanger your life and mine) really care? I mean seriously.... if they wanted to lead by example, why aren’t they posting pictures and videos of their wives and children getting pedis and manis in capacity-filled hair and nail salons? Where is the live footage of them lying out sun tanning? I want to see it! Heck, here in Georgia, the governor‘s mansion is “currently closed” for their usual tours. Wonder why?

What is worse is that people who chose to exercise a measure of caution by following current CDC guidelines, are often met with jovial criticism by those who chose to be more; shall I say liberal in their personal choices. Is everybody not watching the same news as I am where top medical professionals are predicting a spike again in the Fall? Clearly what recently happened to actor/comedian D.L. Hughley gives us strong reason to believe that the smartest of the smart people in our country still have not figured this thing out.

I am doing the best that I know to do while also fervently praying. The Word does state in 2 Chronicles 7:14 “IF my people who are called by my name.....” then goes on to give several conditional instructions. God is not a liar about what He says He will do, but what are you going to do? Is anybody praying? Is anybody practicing social distancing? Are people still washing their hands; for 20 seconds, and singing the ABC's while doing so??? I'm just "tryna see sumn." 👀

The better question is: "Have people completely forgotten about COVID-19 aka Coronavirus aka 'Rona?" None of us have all the answers, but let’s do what we can individually and collectively to stop the spread of this deadly disease. They have predicted that thousands more will die. I just want you and I to be among those who live to tell the story of surviving a pandemic. ❤️

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