• Shaunda Mathieu

“Love You - Mean It.”

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Because the world is a vast place and human beings are extremely complex in nature, it is a daunting task to assess where each of you are today in your hearts, minds, and spirits. I am not psychic nor do I claim to be deeply prophetic in nature. There is, however, one message that rings true to all of mankind regardless to social status, religious or political affiliation, and that is the message of love.

A few months back at my office (and probably yours too) everyone’s desks and doors were adorned with variations of red, green, and gold decor in anticipation of the most commercialized holiday of the year: CHRISTmas. Yea- the irony. Folks wore everything from Santa hats to ugly sweaters to ugly weaves....but I digress. I, being one who has never shyed away from being different decided to decorate my space on February 1st with red, pink, and white heart-shaped trinkets. Of course on the surface everyone is saying, “Awww how nice - you like Valentine‘s Day.” But the greater meaning that I hope to spread in my workplace is one of love.

Regardless to whatever you may be feeling today or which insurmountable task you are facing, I want to remind you that there is no greater force in the world than love. None. This morning for devotion I chose to read 1 John the 4th chapter starting at verse 13. Take a look at what it says:

While 1 Corinthians 13 does an excellent job expounding upon and describing to the reader what love is and what it’s not, this particular passage helps one understand HOW to know you are loved, and more importantly how to know if you are doing a good job at showing love to others. I invite you to take five minutes to do a self check. Even if you are already familiar with the passage, read it again and ask God to give you new eyes and fresh perspective. Once you get it rooted in your heart and soul the way that it should be it becomes easy to love people - even those who seem to be the most unlovable or undeserving of your love. God‘s love (agape) is like magic! For real. It has the power to comfort the deepest hurts and forgive the most awful offenses. We can’t do that in our own power. It is our human/sin nature to dish right back out whatever is given to us. Trust me: there is a way to protect yourself from toxic people yet exemplify love at the same time. No one is suggesting that you be a doormat for folks and their drama, but I am challenging you to become more in sync with this Jesus type of love. If He can say in His most anquished hour: ”Father forgive them...” who are we to pick and choose who we will or will not love? It is my hope that you experience love today, this week, and forever more. ILU💞


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