• Shaunda Mathieu

Ministry Miles

One thing that many people have in common is their disdain for Mondays. Nothing gets folks dragging and complaining more than the sound of a blaring alarm clock on a Monday morning.

Being in ministry, and Sunday being the day most Americans worship, there is an occasional event late on Sunday afternoon. Even more challenging are those out-of-town-Sunday events. As with anything perspective makes a huge difference, so I came up with a crazy concept in my mind (as I am prone to do) called ministry miles. You read that right.... ministry miles. Let me explain.

You know how some people who travel on company business are required to pay for their gas and hotel lodging up front? (I’m not talking to you big wigs who hold company credit cards :-) No - those of you who are instructed to keep the receipts and the company will do what? Reimburse you, right? This reminds me of the Parable of the Landowner in Matthew chapter 20 1-16 where the owner tells the workers to work and whatever is right he would pay them. Take a look for yourself. This parable speaks to 1) just how FAIR our God is, and 2) the mindset we should have when we are serving (working) in ministry. When I process it that way, Mondays aren't so much of a bully anymore. I implore you to push forward today; regardless to how you feel, or whatever state the beloved weekend may have left you in, keeping in mind that our daddy is keeping very good receipts of your ministry miles and everything else that you are doing for the kingdom. At the appointed time He will make it all make sense. I dare you to smile and greet people with a cheery “Happy Monday!” today.

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