• Shaunda Mathieu


Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Now that I have your attention....... (smile) I'd say over the past week people have become more in touch with what truly matters in the world. The global pandemic has led to mandated stay home orders by governors all over the nation. Being forced to stay home quickly stripped people of their busyness and the things that they often hide behind.

I was ecstatic to get back into a home studio session to record some music. These are tracks I had written on top of years ago. One thing that is always humbling when in the recording studio is wearing a pair of noise-blocking headphones for the purpose of listening to your naked voice. No music, no drum tracks, no outside noise…. nothing. At first I used to hate it, because it exposed all the flaws (or rather what I consider to be flaws) of my voice. It was offensive!

Over time I grew to embrace that raw sound, because it helped me learn valuable lessons regarding what I should do to improve my voice and singing abilities. Similarly, the fact that we can't occupy our lives with jobs, school, social outings or anything right now should cause people to finally keep the long needed appointments with themselves. Since you have been forced to sit still here are a few questions ask yourself:

Who am I without my title and job duties?

Why am I so eager to fill the air with podcasts, television, or music?

Why is it so intimidating to sit still in silence?

What tasks have I been putting off for weeks, months, and years that I now have time to start?

Is there untapped creativity inside of me?

Why am I eating again? Am I hungry? 🤣

On the other side of these questions could be life-altering actions... IF we are honest in our self-assessment. If you consider yourself to be an honest person, then keep it 100 and tell the naked truth to the person who matters the most: you.

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