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Q1 Shawty!

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Hi Peeps! Happy Monday. Well look: according to the calendar, we are in the first full week of April. In the business word that translates to the commencement of quarter number 2. This is the time business owners are able to assess their sales and their progress financially. If you don't mind (and actually even if you do...) allow me to toot my own horn. Right smack in the midst of Covid-19, I still came very close to hitting the goals I set for myself. See the key was in actually setting goals in the first place: achievable, measurable goals.

I am a person who was guilty of giving things away all the time because my books, my speaking engagements, and primarily all of what I do is ministry based. I struggled for yearrrrrrrrrrrs with charging people for what I do because... well... I guess it's supposed to be "for the Kingdom."

After attending several workshops, professional development training,

and LOTS of prayer, I have learned how to properly discern when I need to put a price tag on my services versus when it was okay to "bless people." It was NOT easy, and believe me... someone is always waiting in the wings to judge my decisions, but here is a divine, profound word that helped me and I hope it helps you too. You ready? WHO CARES?!!!! Wasn't that deep? LOL

I am so proud to report that in Q1 (quarter one of 2020) we launched a new website:, published book number 3: Nameless Wonder, upgraded my business cards, hosted a full launch party/book signing, was featured on a radio show (The Marlo Moore Show), and an online magazine (My Story the Magazine Online), promoted my first promotional product: I'm A Wonder mug, recorded two new

songs that I can’t wait to release, and fell only $432.00 short of the target goal that I wanted to hit. Look hea... give me room to run 'cause what I AM going do is two things:

1) praise HIM for every door he opened for me, and

2) pat myself on the back for working hard staying the course through every doubt, every tear and every challenge.

You ain't seen nothing yet from SDM Enterprises! My mission (in case you haven't been following) is to 'Leave a legacy (of the Gospel) through books, blogs and beyond by any means necessary. My alter ego (smile) is The Unstuck Champion because of all the challenges I left in the dust and overcame. Challenges such as single parenthood, unemployment, low self worth, feeling under educated, and church hurt. Child bye! You better join me on the winning team.

So enough about me. What about you? You going to let this uncircumcised devil called Covid-19 stop you from what you know God told you; what you know He showed you?

Are you just going to close the book on all the strategies He unfolded to you? I sure hope not. I can be certain that you know someone who is ill, someone who is grieving a loss, someone who has lost their source of income, and much worse, but last time I checked our God was always bigger and He ALWAYS wins. All I can say is: As God allows, keep going in prayer and in wisdom. One. Day. At. A.Time.

For quarter 2 of 2020, refocus, refuel, stay humble, and stay in prayer. The world is waiting on your 'yes'. Come on through sis. Rise up bro. 2020 is still your best year ever.

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