• Shaunda Mathieu

Ya’ll Alright?

It has been a rough Monday. Actually it has been a tough 24 hours. There are few days in history that shake us up and cause us to reflect deeply upon what really matters in life. We were all saddened to hear the news of the passing of NBA basketball legend, Kobe Bryant, his lovely daughter, and the seven others who perished in the helicopter crash on yesterday. Entire families have undoubtedly been affected and their worlds consequently will never be the same.

Guess what? I don’t claim to have the right words to say. Would you believe that it’s actually okay to say nothing? In the world of keyboards, sound bites, tweets and the like, it really is ok to be still and silent at times. Especially when you don’t know what to say. The best thing we can offer are prayers for the families of the deceased, and comfort and consolation to our close friends and loved ones who are feeling this loss deeply. You know you have done well as a humanitarian when your abrupt absence leaves people hurting in this manner. He was more than just a basketball player, and it seems he was just getting started with his philanthropic endeavors.

I was not a huge Laker fan or basketball in general, for that matter. No more than enjoying a game here and there with the men in my life. But I respected the man. What I choose to take

away from Kobe is his work ethic. He seemed to have been a man who gave 200% to everything he did. That is something that we all

can implement. Additionally, I am more determined than ever before to live each and

every moment of my life to the fullest. We must. We have to. Anything less would be to forfeit this precious, but fleeting commodity we’ve all been given: time.

Ya’ll stay up. 💔❤️

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